(Review) The Port #1


Detective Frank Dixon is a man who spent his childhood longing to be a cop, only to realize when he gets there, that cops aren’t like they are in the movies. Cops aren’t the heroes. Not in his town. Sure a handful of them are good, but most of them are corrupt men taking advantage of their power to suit their own needs. They run the city and no one will stand up to them.

The first few pages introduce Dixon and newly promoted detective Jason Monroe. Dixon has no desire for a partner, and he doesn’t like the way Monroe handles himself. Monroe is consoling and understanding, while Dixon is the darker of the two that asks the hard questions. Monroe is a good cop, and he cares about people, really cares, but something in Dixon’s past is keeping him from trusting Monroe and seeing his point of view.


The art isn’t clean. It’s not perfectly proportioned, people don’t always look exactly the same panel for panel, but it is beautiful. Something about the gritty art helps you see the world the way these cops do. It’s not clean. It’s got flaws. It’s rough. But I am telling you: it works. The art and coloring of this book is great for the story they are telling. it reminds me of Sean Murphy’s art, which is phenomenal.



The story is intricate; the writer doesn’t give you everything up front. Characters are clearly introduced, but the story isn’t spoon-fed to you. You have to read between the lines. Subtle things that someone says or does could actually be character defining, and if you blink you’ll miss it. You walk away from the first issue with more questions than answers and somehow that’s ok. You just want more.


I enjoyed this comic a lot. I am curious about the character’s background and I want to know what happens to everyone. I will be buying more of this series. And I recommend you do too.

Visuals: 4/5

Writing: 4/5

Total: 8/10


” ‘The Port’ is a comic distributed by Forrest publishing “

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