(Review) “Boss Monster” Card Game


Boss Monster is a dungeon-building card game, funded through Kickstarter in October of 2012 for an early 2014 release.The game has players acting as the “Boss” of a video game dungeon they build. Each turn players build rooms full of treasure or danger and try to lure in heroes to kill.

The game is a balancing act. You want enough treasure to lure heroes in, yet you can only create one room per turn, and you need to add dangerous rooms to ensure their demise. Every hero that completes your dungeon and reaches you (the Boss), does damage. If you take too much damage: you are out of the game. you need to collect ten hero souls before you die, that is how you win.

The game is played with 2-4 players, all designing their own dungeons. Here is the real competition: you want to have more treasure in your dungeon than the other players, so that they do not get all the heroes going to their dungeons, but you need to ensure you can actually kill the heroes that come your way, so just filling up on treasure isn’t smart either; it is actually a great way to get yourself killed.



The game is nothing but a simple box, an instruction manual and some cards; room cards, spells, bosses, heroes and epic heroes, but the cards are beautifully printed and (thank God!) are full size. The game also already has an expansion out titled, “tools of hero kind”, containing some new items for you and the intrepid heroes.



This game is the most non-directly competitive game I have played in a while. You never directly screw over another player, but you are constantly fighting to have the most “appealing” dungeon.

The game employs a building phase and an adventure phase for the heroes (NPCs), where they traverse the dungeons and bosses (the players) can cast spells on the heroes. The only frustrating thing about this game is that you are at the mercy of luck when you draw cards, but some solid strategy can usually overcome this.



I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I am excited to play it more and the next time I am at my local comic shop, I will definitely be buying the expansion.

Components: 5/5

Gameplay:     4/5

Total:             9/10

“Boss Monster” is available online and at your local game shop for around $25


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