(Review) Detective Comics #30

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In case you don’t know: Bruce Wayne is a billionaire playboy, but he is also a vigilante, sworn to rid his city of the evil that took his parent’s lives. By night he dons a cape and cowl and becomes Batman. Detective Comics is the first comic book that Batman ever appeared in. The series was recently taken over by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. Detective Comics issue 30 is the first release of their work on the series.

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I have been waiting for Detective Comics 30 ever since it was announced. I loved the Francis Manapul-Brian Buccellato Flash series, and I knew their writing would hold up for batman. The story revolves around “Icarus”, a powerful new narcotic being distributed from Gotham’s East End.

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I could never say enough about Manapul’s beautiful art. I loved the vibrant colors of The Flash and was worried that Detective Comics would be made too bright and flashy to really feel like Batman, but his darker color palette with just a splash of bright colors works phenomenally. Manapul is perfectly capable of doing “rough ‘n tough” art and dark tones.

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The story of DC #30 is evidently well thought out and full of layers. You have the concern of the East End’s future, Bruce coping with Damian’s death, Icarus on the streets, and the dialogue is top notch. Batman and Bruce are both completely different and still the same person. Manapul and Buccellato are great storytellers, and they know how to bring new and fresh stories to characters who have been around for decades.

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I love Batman, and I love this creative team. I admit I came into this issue expecting to love this comic, but it is wonderful. Anyone coming into this series will love it unless they are blind, deaf and dead (did you like that Year One reference?). I fully recommend this book to anyone wanting a good jumping on place for Batman comics.

  Visuals: 5/5                                                                                                                                                         Writing: 5/5

  Total: 10/10


Detective Comics #31 will be available May 7th

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