(Review) Detective Comics #31


Francis Manapul has been doing a fantastic job on Detective Comics. Coming off a long run on “The Flash” he has proven that he can not only write the lighthearted, sci-fi infused Flash, but also the darker, more detective-story driven batman.

Batman has been faced with a resurgence of a drug named “Icarus”, which Bullock has personally dealt with years ago. Bullock even lost his partner in the struggle to get the “Ick” off the streets. After an Icarus burnout turns up dead on Bruce Wayne’s doorstep, Bullock is instantly against Bruce.

Batman not only has to get Icarus off of the streets, but he has to solve the murder soon, before Bullock does anything stupid.


Batman goes undercover to track one of the head guys of the Icarus industry, and has a hard fight against a 400 pound man named “Sumo” in a shipping container. The fight comes down to an exchange of headbutts. Nobody wins in a headbut, unless that someone is Batman.


Francis Manapul’s art continues to be stellar, if you bought the book only for the art it would be worth your money. This book is a loyal interpretation of Batman’s more Detective-esque side, with beautiful art to drive home just how wonderful these comics really are.


Have you read Detective Comics #31? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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