Jeff Lemire Announces New Dark Horse Book “The Black Hammer”

Jeff Lemire announced earlier today that he will be launching a new creator owned series called “The Black Hammer” that will debut sometime late this year and will be published by Dark Horse Comics. This ongoing series will be written by Jeff Lemire (Green Arrow, Animal Man) with art by Dean Ormston (Books of Magik). This series will follow a group of obscure comic book heroes who have been eliminated from the continuity of their comic book universe by an unnamed cataclysmic event. These characters now find themselves trapped in a strange small town they cannot leave, and must learn to assimilate to a much different life than they are accustomed to.

black hammer.ABRAHAM SLAM black_hammer._silver_age_col_weird black_hammer._TALKY_WALKY

The solicitation reads:

They were the greatest heroes of a lost era, Golden Aged crime buster, ABRAHAM SLAM, interstellar adventurer COL. WEIRD and his robot sidekick TALKY-WALKY, BARBALIEN warlord From Mars, GOLDEN GAIL, America’s super-sweetheart, MADAME DRAGONFLY, mistress of the macabre, and BLACK HAMMER invincible champion of the streets.

Are you excited for yet another unique Jeff Lemire creator-owned series? Does the description leave you saying “woah, meta?” Let us know your opinion in the comments.


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