Netlfix Releases First Look At Fuller House

If you’re like me when you heard Fuller House was coming out you were filled with nostalgia. Well, the cast photos that were released today filled me with even more! These photos give us a good look at everyone, and what the set looks like after 20 years. Look for Fuller House on Netflix February 26th!





Are you excited for the new show? Let us know in the comments!

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    • Racist? Quit your crying. It’s the sane show it was back then. Go watch something else. Not everything has to please everyone and their crybaby agenda. It’s entertainment.

  1. I like the top photo. It may be similar as to when the girls went to Grandmas and the guys did some male bonding, but Danny was not ready to start dating again, yet.

    The bottom photo is my favorite. Stephanie looks the only one not bored with what Kimmy’s saying! Never thought I see the day!

    The other two photos are great, too!

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