Interview with Arcanum Order, Creator Of The Fantastic Nick Valentine Cosplay

We just recently had an article called The Top 10 Cosplays of 2015, but I think this cosplay will make our list for 2016.


The creator of the costume is Arcanum Order. The attention to detail put into this piece is absolutely amazing, and I would imagine time consuming. So, we decided that we should get an interview and see what it was like trying to put the time , and effort into such a great design. So, without further ado, here is our interview with Arcanum Order.

Q: How long have you been cosplaying? 

A: Hmm. Well technically I’ve been making costumes since I was about 11, but back then it was merely dress up and I did it with my friends for shiggles (not that it’s really any different now lol). I didn’t actually know it was called cosplay until I was about 14 or 15 years old, and I started going to conventions when I was 16. So about six years actually “cosplaying”. Haha.

Q: Haha, I’ve never heard the word shiggles before, I actually Lol’d. Who have been your inspirations in your cosplaying career? 

A: I didn’t know very many cosplayers at first when I started out going to cons in 2011, but my biggest inspirations are probably ManaKnight, Mango Sirene, Yaya Han, and Danielle Beaulieu. They’re all very lovely and inspirational people.


Q: Awesome, I’ll have to check out their work! So, how long did it take you to make Nick Valentine?

A: He isn’t complete yet as the photos everyone is having a circlejerk over is just a test (lol jk I love you all), but so far on and off for the past couple of months. I think I decided to start on him a couple of weeks after Fallout 4 came out. I probably would have been finished by now, but I’m a procrastinator.

Q: Haha, I feel like everyone has a little procrastinator in them! Overall how much time and money do you think you’ve put in thus far?

A: I think the biggest offender was the Institute Rifle. That was roughly $200 of a commission. The outfit itself I’d have to think on because the shirt, pants, and tie are thrifted. The coat ran me close to $30 so I think $40ish all together for the outfit, and around $11 for latex. Lol. It wasn’t super terrible to my wallet.

Q:  Wow, to be completely honest, with the quality of work, I was expecting quite a lot more. Why did you choose Nick specifically?

A: Because he’s the Synth husband. Duh.

No, not really. Well. Kinda. Haha. But I really like the character himself because I’ve always had a fascination with androids for some reason. I think they make great storytelling and are fun to cosplay.


Q: Lol, I’ve seen in a few places on your Facebook page you calling him the “Synth Husband”, he’s my favorite companion as well! What was the hardest part to create for Nick so far?

A: Probably his face itself which is why I’ve been so reluctant to posting exactly how I did it. I probably won’t make a tutorial until after I’ve worn him to Katsucon and Wondercon, just to test the durability so I’m not giving bad advice.

Anyway though, the face has been a lot of trial and error and is a huge learning curve for me, as it’s the first thing like it I’ve done.

 Q: That’s completely understandable, the amount of detail in the face is extraordinary and far beyond anything I could handle. How many hours have you put into playing Fallout 4?

A: Thanks! Haha. But… Too many. It’d probably be more if I had my own PS4. I have to play my copy at my friend Andy’s house because I don’t have one! It isn’t a big deal though; we’re basically neighbors.

Q: I think I’ve probably put five or six days worth into the game myself. Nick is always trailing along behind me, judging me as I pick up useless stuff that I find cool haha. How does it feel to be officially recognized by Bethesda Game Studios?

A: It’s honestly something I’d never thought would happen and only something I could dream of. It actually took me a few hours for it to finally hit me. I didn’t think my test would get more than 100 likes to be honest. -shrugs- I’m just speechless at the moment if anything. I almost cried haha.

Q: This is something that you’ve been into for years, and to finally get some recognition for you work is an incredible thing. Any future plans for costumes? Or are you trying to just focus on Nick at the moment?

A: I’m so happy I don’t even care how long it’s taken me. I don’t cosplay for recognition, however. I do it for fun and to make friends, but to be noticed is a bonus and it makes me all fuzzy inside! And right now I have no idea. I really wanted to be my Sole Survivor but that costs more money and I’m a broke 21 year old… Haha.


Q: I can definitely relate. I just turned 22 and right now I have to decide between food or bills. Alright, last question. If you could say one thing to someone who is has just started cosplaying, what would it be?

 A: I still have to tell myself this constantly, but it’s just to remember cosplay is for fun and you don’t need anyone else’s approval. If someone doesn’t like you, f#%k them. You didn’t make it for them! There’s always going to be at least someone who won’t like you, and it really doesn’t matter because there’s always friends and people who will appreciate your work no matter what. Yes, even when I first started going to cons and had a ducttape and hot glued cardboard helmet people still liked my cosplay. Never be afraid, bruh!
We learned quite a bit from this interview about the time and effort it takes in making something this detailed. If you want to check out more of Arcanum Order then you can check out his Facebook, Tumblr and Youtube!
What do you think of this Cosplay? Do you want to hire Arcanum Order to follow you around in his Nick Valentine costume? Tell us in the comments, or connect with us on Facebook!

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