Ten Awesome Pokemon Tattoos

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo? Well, if anything this list will just make you want to get one more! Here is SomeNerdThing’s Ten Awesome Pokemon Tattoos!

10. Polly Pepper’s Vibrant Half Sleeve


More of Polly Pepper’s art can be found here. 

9. David Cardona’s Flash Pikachu


David Cardona’s Tattoo Shop’s site. 

8. The Nerdy Japanese Carp and Dragon


This is by Dane Grannon! Here is more of his work!

7. This Gengar Tattoo


Like his art? Check out more! 

6. Pikachu Getting A Charge


Check out this Artist’s DeviantArt Page!

5. A Motivational Pokemon Tattoo


I couldn’t find a source for this one. But it’s amazing and whoever did it deserves props.

4.  This Amazing Eevee Tattoo


Eevee is one of my meast favorite pokemon, but this might be my favorite Tattoo on this list. Go check out the artist!

3. Amazing Gyarados Tattoo


Dan Cox did this Tattoo. The link to the tattoo shop he works at is here.

2.  This Pikachu Cover-Up


A man got a Pikachu tattoo from a drunk Tattoo Artist, but Lindsay Baker took the horrible Pikachu tattoo, and made an amazing one.

1. This Chest Tattoo


Unfortunately this is another Source that is unknown. But if you know the source, comment down below!

What as your favorite tattoo? Tell us in the comments below, or connect with us on Facebook! 

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