Enter The Gungeon (Review)


Enter the Gungeon is the surprise smash hit of April. I bought it on steam and proceeded to dump far too much time and effort into the “rogue-like” dungeon crawler.

The game’s premise is simple. dungeon delve, shoot enemies, collect guns, don’t die. The thing is, that last part is alot harder than you’d think. EtG has zero problems beating you into the ground and frustrating you. You also get the joy of losing all progress in the procedurally generated dungeon every time you die. Got a cool gun? Gone. Got a cool power-up? Gone. If you are a fan of “Dark Souls Difficulty” than you’ll be familiar with this.


However, EtG never scares you off. There is a steep learning curve and frequent spikes in difficulty, but you genuinely improve every run you make. you fee like every run you are that much closer to the next floor, or seeing a new boss, and that’s enough to make you keep saying “one more round”.

Speaking of bosses. Holy sh*t. I consider myself a pretty decent gamer, and often I roll over the first several hours of any game waiting for the challenge to come, but I definitely felt a challenge in the bosses of EtG.


Now the important thing to say here, if not just to keep me from getting flamed as a noob in the comments, is that this is all dependant on the loot you’ve found in the dungeon. The loot is also random every run.

The number of chests per floor, and the contents of those chests is 100% random. you could get a literal pee-shooter or a gun that shoots the soul sucking skulls of the undead. The latter of which is infinitly better at fending off enemies than its competition.

leadingun-747x309 (1)

The guns and powerups are probably where most of the replay value come from. will you get a gun that shoots snowballs? or sharks? every chest opening is as tense as the first time opening a chest in a Zelda game when you just beat a mini-boss and know it’s a new item.


Did I mention you can flip tables? Channel the spirit of every 80’s bad-ass while crawling dungeons like a hero of time, and maybe, just maybe fall in love…

Or just shoot hordes of monsters in the face.


Enter the Gungeon is available now on Steam and PS4

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